No new spreadsheets, we promise.

Let’s explore why transitioning from our beloved (and sometimes bewildering) spreadsheets to a sophisticated revenue intelligence platform isn’t just a step forward – it’s a leap into a world where ‘pivot tables’ and ‘VLOOKUP’ are words of the past.

1. Real-Time Data: Say Goodbye to ‘Refresh’ Frenzy

Remember frantically hitting the refresh button or manually updating data cells, hoping that the numbers finally make sense? With the Inselligence Platform, this relic of the past is replaced by real-time data updates. Now, decisions are based on what’s happening at this moment, not last Tuesday.

2. Predictive Analytics: Your New Crystal Ball

While spreadsheets can tell you what happened, they’re not so great at forecasting what will happen. That’s where Inselligence, with proven algorithms and analytics, helps teams precisely forecast and make better decisions.

3. Integration and Automation: Less Copy-Pasting, More Strategizing

Think of the hours spent copy-pasting data between spreadsheets, a process as error-prone as trying to type with mittens on. Inselligence integrates seamlessly with your CRM, automating what used to be a manual and tedious process.

4. Collaborative Utopia: Where Version Control Nightmares End

Ever worked on a spreadsheet only to realize three different versions exist, and none of them match? The Inselligence platform offers a single source of truth, accessible to all relevant team members.

5. Team Alignment: They know what to do and why they’re doing it

With data-driven insights and real-time notifications, Inselligence informs your sales team where to focus to achieve their goals so they spend time taking productive action instead of opening the wrong spreadsheet.

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