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Carlos​​ DeAngulo​

Co Founder & CTO
As CTO, Carlos provides overall direction for the product development process at Inselligence. His roots with the methodology go back to the early 1990s when he assisted in the development of the original implementation of the algorithms in a multiregional sales operation. Carlos has worked in notable firms such as EDS, and Texas Instruments. He has lead software teams, as a senior software engineer and held positions as director of software development, vice president of software development, and chief operations officer. He trained in the agile methodology’s with Ron Jeffries, inventor of extreme programming. Carlos implemented the agile methodologies in software companies, increasing the productivity and on time software release of products. He also co-founded a custom software development company to deliver sophisticated solutions for third-party clients.

Joshua Rodríguez​

VP of Sales

Joshua has served as the VP of Sales for Safety Plus since the end of 2020 managing all aspects of the Company’s sales teams. During this time Safety Plus has launched its first outbound Go To Market effort and achieved year over year growth of over 165%. Prior to this, he held operations and sales roles at healthcare startups ICS & Voalte where he was responsible for the company’s sales strategies, growth and entry into new markets. Prior to joining Voalte, he was responsible for Corporate Development and Sales at Tigertext Inc where he oversaw 315% growth in sales and successful completion of multiple funding rounds for the company. Prior to joining Tigertext Inc, Joshua was at Platinum Equity, a global Mergers, Acquisitions & Operations firm. Joshua earned a BA in Business Administration from Concordia University Irvine.


Andrés​ Lanziano​

Product Manager
As Product Manager in Inselligence, Andrés brings his experience in product development and his dedication in the development of the company. Andrés has led the launch of products in the Colombian capital markets and has put his strategic vision in the digital transformation of one of the most important fiduciary companies in Colombia. With more than 10 years of experience in product development, designing, structuring and positioning products, Andrés will bring his expertise to Inselligence to provide key points in the generation of value to a product that will be disruptive in the global sales market.

Andres​​ Sanchez​


As a partner in Inselligence, Andres brings seasoned operational expertise and valuable Our Team in the early days of establishing the operations of the company. Andres has a track record in building organizations from the ground up with an intense focus on operational efficiency and scalable structures. Andres is also the CEO and managing partner of Identidad Technologies. He is Identidad Technologies’ seasoned tech enthusiast, a more than-20-year telecom powerhouse who found success in both a robust global economy and in challenging recession years. He always keeps a finger on the pulse of tech trends and an ear to ground for technological change. Andres will be able to leverage Identidad’s current infrastructure to assist in the launch of Inselligence’s operations.

Guilherme​ Queiroz​

As a strategic investor in Inselligence, Guigo provides input in the areas of product and organizational development as well as lending his extensive financial expertise. Guigo will be an active advisor to the firm, interacting consistently with the management team. As an avid early stage investor, Guigo has successfully seen companies built from the ground up with significant value created. As Managing Partner and Chief Financial Officer for a Brazilian Private Single-Family Office, Guigo is responsible for alternative investments, oversees a multi-billion dollar illiquid portfolio ranging from private equity to real estate. Tech Enthusiast, is a venture capitalist (co-founder of Allievo Capital). For 1.5yrs held an advisory board position at Nexoos – Brazilian leading P2P lending company.

Juan​​ DeAngulo​


As Co Founder, Juan provides overall strategic direction for Inselligence. Juan has been close to the development of the methodology having worked close to its inventor and subsequently being a user of an earlier implementation of the methogology. Juan has managed sales operations in multiple products and services and is a passionate believer in the value that Inselligence delivers. Juan has a track record in building organizations from the ground up and will continue to provide strategic Our Team to the organization while relying on the senior management team for day to day execution.