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Juan Fernando​​​ DeAngulo​

Creator of the methodology​
In the nineties, Mr. DeAngulo successfully managed a software distribution network of hundreds of VARS throughout Latin America. His background in software development and sales was the perfect mix to tackle the task of reselling ERP software. Product of these experience, he was able to apply his knowledge and training in constraint-based process methodologies to revolutionize the way sales processes and pipelines were managed.

He likened a complex sales process to a chain made of different sized links, where the chain is only as strong as the weakest link. He says that it is impossible to improve the strength of that proverbial chain, or the amount of revenue created through a sales process, if you can’t find the weak lin. He believed that putting all resources toward strengthening the one specific “weak link” was critical to sales process efficiency.

To achieve the revenue goals of his organization, Juan pulled from his analytics background to build a series of algorithms that identified the key variables in the sales process, and analyzed the relative performance of each variable. Through analytics, he was able to identify the “weak link”, address issues and move forward. With newfound visibility into sales process, rep activity, and deal progress, the algorithms gave Juan the information he needed to remove roadblocks and optimize revenues.