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Transforming Sales Performance at Key Logistics with Inselligence

The Challenge

Key Logistics faced a crucial issue in their operations: the difficulty in accurately calculating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and forecasting revenue from their sales pipeline. The lack of a comprehensive view into their pipeline led to unfocused sales activities and a decline in new sales. This consequently further muddled their KPI metrics. The company required a sophisticated software solution that could provide clarity into year-end projections and identify high-potential opportunities based on real-world business variables.

The complexity of our sales pipeline was making it increasingly difficult to forecast revenue and prioritize high-value tasks. We needed a platform that not only would drive CRM usage but could show us what our pipeline was going to deliver through the end of year and what opportunities to focus on.

 – Valentina Gutierrez, VP Operations

The Solution

Inselligence addressed this challenge by implementing a diagnostic approach to sales process management at Key Logistics. The solution, powered by cutting-edge analytics and insights, integrated seamlessly with Key Logistics’ existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

The system empowered all team members to log in, view, and take immediate action on recommended sales activities, thereby increasing their close rates. In addition, managers gained the ability to review the same data their sales reps were examining, ensuring that the entire team was aligned and focused on revenue-generating tasks.

Moreover, Inselligence’s solution provided an environment for management to swiftly analyze bottlenecks in the sales process and proactively implement solutions.

Inselligence has taken our company to the next level. Information is intelligently organized and easily accessible by all employees. Our sales process is now a collaborative effort and our sales members are wanting to input their deal data. I recommend Inselligence to anyone that wants to improve their company’s revenue.
– Valentina Gutierrez, VP Operations

The Results

The results have been nothing short of remarkable:

  • In the first 4 months there was a 110% increase in CRM usage by the Account Executives which led to more accurate data to make key business decisions.
  • With a clearer understanding of their pipeline and bottlenecks Key Logistics was able to revamp their sales process which led to more accurate sales goal for each Account Executive and clearly defined deal load at each step of the sales process to ensure Revenue targets were attained.
  • Key Logistics was able to increase the accuracy of their deal data within their CRM by over 90% including the close date and deal amount which lead to the company adjusting their revenue targets upwards for the year.

For more information on how Inselligence can drive similar results for your organization, contact us:

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